One of the most important success factors is our committed and qualified employees. As a responsible and reliable employer, we therefore consciously want to provide secure and likewise attractive jobs on a long-term and sustainable basis. We emphasize an appreciative and familiar corporate culture as much as integrity and trust which is reflected in our recommendation rate: 85% of our employees would recommend UZIN UTZ as an employer.

The UZIN UTZ Exchange Program

For our company, internationality means promoting the group-wide exchange between employees and generating added value for the UZIN UTZ Group through synergy effects. That is why the UZIN UTZ Exchange Programme (UEP) has been in place since 2017. This allows our employees to get a taste of another company within the Group for two weeks. The focus is on mutual understanding, knowledge transfer, personal exchange and further development. Of the seven stays planned for 2020, only two could take place due to the pandemic: one from UZIN UTZ Ulm to UZIN UTZ North America, as well as from UZIN UTZ Netherlands to the headquarters in Ulm.

Lucelia Kneidl about the project:
“Our colleagues in the USA warmly welcomed me from day one and involved me in the day-to-day events there. My journey ultimately took me from the marketing department to internal and external meetings right through to the highlight of my trip: the Pallmann Passion Tour, during which I came into direct contact with customers and was able to learn about their interests and needs firsthand. I was also able to try out our Spider wood flooring sanding machine, which was a welcome change to the screen work otherwise typical of IT innovation. At first it wasn’t at all as easy as they make it look in our videos. But with a few tips and tricks from Trevor Martin (Pallmann Territory Manager, Sales, UZIN UTZ North America), the work was soon very easy to do.”

Employee satisfaction

We have high standards when it comes to our corporate culture and the satisfaction of our employees. We conduct annual employee surveys to reflect our company’s atmosphere and identify potential improvements. A Group-wide employee survey was first conducted in early 2020. The results showed an extremely positive image of the atmosphere at our company. 
The responses generally showed strong identification with the employer, as the survey revealed that 85% of the workforce in our core countries and fastest-growing economies would recommend the UZIN UTZ Group as an employer. The findings also reveal that our corporate values are actively embraced.

Social concerns

Our social responsibility is reflected in the variety of social, sports, and cultural projects we support through donations and sponsoring. Our main focus here is on local projects that support our colleagues and provide them with volunteering opportunities. As such, the Group has spent a sum of around 574,000 euros (482,000) on donations and sponsoring projects. The projects supported are intended to have a long-term positive impact on society. We have listed a few examples in this report.

Welcome Day

With getting to know their new remit, processes, and structures, combined with a new work environment, new employees are challenged within the first few months. It is particularly important that they receive plenty of information on their new employer and get to know other colleagues right at the start. For this reason, we have introduced a Welcome Day for new employees. It is held three times a year to make joining the company easier for all new colleagues. During this day, employees gain insights into various departments within the company, get to know the brands and products, and take part in a team-building workshop. 


Juzinior is the mini-company within the company for our trainees. Alongside receiving high-quality, in-depth training, trainees are responsible for their own company within this initiative. This teaches them the importance of having a corporate strategy and a functioning value chain from a totally different perspective. The learning-by-doing method not only improves the young employees’ specialist qualifications and skills, it also promotes creativity and team spirit. Through this initiative, our trainees work on business ideas such as campaigns and employee perks. Juzinior makes real money and real profits here, half of which goes to good causes. The trainees invest the other half in promoting team spirit, for example in the form of a fun, communal event.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools