By focusing on the responsible treatment of the environment and the efficient usage of resources, we want to make our contribution to environmental and climate protection, and continuously improve our ecological footprint throughout the Group. We aim to reduce by 2025 our direct and indirect energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 25% across the company. The basis for this is our comprehensive environmental and climate management, which, in addition to operational environmental protection, also includes our upstream and downstream value chain together with our regional environment.

UZIN UTZ Netherlands: from rain to toilet flush water

UZIN UTZ Netherlands’ ‘green factory’ in Haaksbergen is one of the country’s most environmentally friendly industrial buildings, where the ultra-sustainable construction and other environmental aspects attract attention. With this in mind, all provisions have now been made to operate a so-called gray-water system using gray-water tanks by 2021. The gray water obtained from rainfall will be used to flush the toilets. As a result of this initiative, we expect to save around 450 m³ of clean drinking water per year and reduce our CO2 emissions. Unneeded water will be stored for later use.


Grünfinder is a project for disadvantaged children in Ulm that was initiated by the Kinderstiftung Ulm/ Donau-Iller in 2016 and has been financially supported by us since 2017. Elementary school students are to develop a basic and sustainable understanding of nature and their environment through nature education activities, to learn a meaningful way to spend their free time and their personal development is to be promoted. The children are accompanied on all excursions by experienced adventure and nature educators. The priority is to offer disadvantaged children the same opportunities for a good start in life, regardless of origin, culture, language or religion. We support the "Grünfinder" as part of the signing of the WIN Charter, annually with 5,000 euros. "By supporting the Children's Foundation, we are underlining our social responsibility, which is more important than ever, especially in the current times," Julian Utz emphasises.

Canisters made of recycled plastic

In the area of canisters, we focus on the use of recycled old plastic, so-called post-consumer recyclate (PCR). This is processed into granulate, which serves as the raw material for the canisters. This means that fewer natural raw materials are used for packaging and protects the climate and the environment. Compared to conventional canisters, 95 % less fossil raw materials are needed and 75 % less CO2 emissions are generated in relation to the raw material used. At the beginning of 2020, the majority of all canisters were converted to PCR material. In total, we have converted about 75% of the canister demand to PCR material (by weight). In the course of 2021, the closures will also be converted to PCR. In addition to ecological advantages, the canisters have other practical advantages such as a robust handle, easy pouring and good stackability.

Elementary school provides innovative support for UZIN UTZ Nederland on the topic of "biodiversity"

"How can we use the facades of our new building to support biodiversity" was the assignment given to group 6 of the Haaksberg elementary school 'De Kameleon' by sustainability manager Annette Schumer of UZIN UTZ Nederland. After a number of company visits to flooring specialist UZIN UTZ (formerly Unipro) for the AdoptIDee project, the pupils set to work in groups to study various animal species such as the great tit, the buzzard, the field mouse and the rough bat. On June 23, the class presented their solutions to UZIN UTZ Netherlands' biodiversity problem.
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