Our 6 brands offer products of consistently high quality together with highest technical performance, convincing with concentrated know-how for new installation, renovation and value preservation of floor coverings of all kinds. In addition, our products meet high standards as to health and safety regulations for applicators as well as healthy living for end users. By combining sustainability and product innovation, we are able to conserve natural resources and further develop the product portfolio across all brands. Our products are therefore also important levers in the implementation of ecological sustainability goals.

Flooring systems ready for building information modeling

The term Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes a data-based method of networked planning, execution and management of buildings and structures. All relevant building data is digitally modelled, combined and recorded. Those involved can work together smoothly over the entire life cycle of a building. Building product manufacturers are also involved in construction projects at an earlier stage. In order to support architects and planners efficiently and in a solution-oriented manner in all aspects of floor construction, the UZIN UTZ Group and all its brands have developed a BIM-capable plug-in. This allows the planner to load a wide range of BIM components from the UZIN UTZ Group into his programme. In order to optimise user-friendliness, the BIM components for a wide range of applications are made available for download as ready-made layer structures, consisting of several coordinated products. This means that all components can be updated automatically and collectively at any time. Further information at

Codex X-Tensive is Product of the Year 2020

codex X-Tensive is a new 2-component high-performance epoxy resin grouting and bonding mortar from the codex brand. codex X-Tensive offers maximum resilience with exceptional ease of use. Improved washing properties and the highest chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance make it an innovative, high-performance epoxy resin grout for areas used extremely frequently. These properties impressed the readers of Fliesen + Platten magazine, who voted it Product of the Year 2020 in the Construction Chemistry category.

Pallmann Freestyle Collection: a system for multi-color wood flooring designs

The Pallmann Freestyle Collection gives wooden floors a modern and unique look. The technologically advanced system is exclusively available to certified Parkettprofi businesses. Wood flooring specialists who are members of the Parkettprofi marketing initiative can learn how to transform existing flooring instead of installing new flooring from scratch in a training session. For exciting and interactive training sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pallmann developed a hybrid training concept consisting of a webinar and on-site, face-to-face training.

Uzin NC 182 with ‘reActivate effect’

With the Uzin NC 182 NEW re-mixable, very fast-setting repair mortar, Uzin has added a key property to the tried-and-tested fast-setting Uzin NC 182 repair mortar – the ‘reActivate effect’. This enables the mixed compound – which thickens in the bucket while it is being applied – to be remixed, made pliable, and reused within the pot life. This extends its processing time and may also reduce the amount wasted.

Pajarito – custom-made lots and the Pajaquick finishing spreader

Extraordinary tasks require extraordinary tools. Because we know this, Pajarito works to support our customers' performance in the best possible way with the right tool. Our experts are constantly developing new innovative products for trade and industry, in addition to special requests and individual solutions. New in the range is the Pajaquick finishing spreader: it is characterised by its about 30% reduced weight compared to similar tools as well as by its improved ergonomic shape and easy change of the blade.

RZ Turbo Protect Color – renew and reuse flooring quickly

The RZ Turbo Protect Color floor sealer varnish in block color, with flakes, or in individual designs offers quick flooring renovation without lengthy downtime, with long-term protection and a new look. RZ Turbo Protect Color, a water-based, 2-component sealing varnish, has won a very special accolade: the Architektur+Präsentation Innovation Award. Above all, the expert jury was impressed by the cost reduction, time saved, and sustainability. The award honors conceptual solutions featuring impressive design and functionality.

Wireless work with Wolff

With Wolff’s battery-powered cordless tools, the company’s focus is on speed and productivity. The full power expected of plug-in power tools is also guaranteed here. The aim is to accomplish the ‘cable-free construction site’ over the next few years, thus improving flexibility for tradespeople.

Arturo Concreta

The Arturo Concreta mineral-based flooring system creates a decorative and aesthetic finish for various substrates. This product enables offices, businesses, or even apartments to be given a robust look, with each floor applied by hand to make it one of a kind. The soft color nuances give it a natural look and a slightly reliefed surface with special effects. The system, which is suitable for home environments, is available in ten trendy colors.

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools