Matthias Hofmann | Head of International Group Logistics

How did you end up at UZIN UTZ and what is your current role?

I have only been with the company for five months, but I’ve already worked with UZIN UTZ as a service provider at the logistics center from 2011 to 2014. I am now responsible for the logistics of the entire Group and for further development of our logistics.

Is there a particular experience at UZIN UTZ that you would like to share?

The family day was incredible. My wife and kids quickly saw and understood why I wanted to work here.

Describe UZIN UTZ in three words.

Supportive, family-friendly, and forward-looking.

What I like about UZIN UTZ is …

… that you have a lot of freedom, and you can implement new things if you see room for improvement and show initiative.

What sort of support do you get from colleagues?

Colleagues support each other and are always available to give advice and support. We have a very strong sense of unity.

Why did you choose to work at UZIN UTZ?

I had got tot know the company and my colleagues over 3 years and I wanted to come back here. An international family business that cares about people and the environment to the extent that it does and where I can develop is just perfect for me. I have kept in touch ever since I left PDC in 2014. I continued to develop my career and just seized the opportunity when it presented itself.

What was it like at the start?

I have never had a better experience with any company. All my colleagues gave me a warm welcome with a surprise on my desk, my workplace was completely ready to go from the start and then there was a welcome day just a short time in. It was great, really great. Soon after I started, I was immediately involved in strategy development up to 2025. It was just exceptional to get so much trust straight away.

What tips would you give to newcomers?

Listen, ask questions, be open and curious, and get involved.


Interview conducted in September 2019.

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