Anna Wiedmann, Industrial clerk

Why did you decide to train at UZIN UTZ?

I only heard good things about the company before and when I was invited for an interview, I was really happy about it. I felt very comfortable during the interview and so I knew that if I got this training place, I would definitely accept it, which fortunately happened.


What does UZIN UTZ offer that other companies don't?

The family atmosphere and the esteem among the employees, as well as many internal projects such as a soup or salad bar every month, a healthy breakfast or the fitness room.

How was your first day at work?

Very exciting and thrilling. Of course, I didn't know what to expect. After the first few minutes, the uncertainty was taken away from me. I had the feeling that the employees were always making an effort, that the trainees could get used to the new situation quickly and get off to a good start.

What are your tasks during the apprenticeship?

It always depends on the departments you are in.
At the moment I am in the personnel department. Here I can take over the entire application management. That's very exciting - I have a lot of responsibility here and gain a lot of experience with applications.

What does an apprentice earn during his apprenticeship?


What other services does UZIN UTZ offer (Christmas bonus, vacation bonus, vacation days, ...)?

UZIN UTZ offers all trainees holiday pay, Christmas bonus and 30 days holiday. In addition, the internal Horizonte program offers employees many opportunities: Further training, English courses, various sports courses and much more.

What was your funniest experience at UZIN UTZ and why?

Since UZIN UTZ is a sponsor of Ratiopharm Ulm Basketball, we are represented annually with a promotional stand at the Bundesliga games. Here the trainees can also help out and advertise for the company. In 2018 we gave away a sports drinking bottle as a promotional gift for a Like on Facebook. After the match the coach, Thorsten Leibenath, came for an interview with the fans in the foyer of the arena. A trainee colleague absolutely wanted to give the coach a drink bottle as well. What he did in front of running cameras and we couldn't stop him.  We also did not only advertise in the arena, but also on Instagram and Facebook. We made so-called boomerangs - mini-videos that are played backwards and forwards in endless loops. This was very funny because we took the bottles with us on the videos and had a lot of fun together that evening.

What was your biggest success so far?

I thought it was nice to get the promise from the company alone.
I also think it's great to show customers and students the company as part of a factory tour. We take on these trainees at the Ulm site.



How does your work at UZIN UTZ keep you fit?

Because you always have something to do and a compensation program such as spot courses, back training, massages is offered which you can use as an employee free of charge.

How often do you have cake in the office?

You always make colleagues happy when you just bring something to nibble on.

What tasks does the junior company "JuzinIOR" take on?

JuzinIOR has many different tasks. Among other things the administration of a snack machine in the canteen, planning of actions, RZ sales and projects. Such projects can be for example the education fair which takes place every two years in Ulm or the annual summer holiday program for the children of the employees.

What was your first contact with UZIN UTZ?

UZIN UTZ is an educational partner of my old school. When I was still at school, a career day was offered and I took up this offer. I asked the employees about the company and the training occupations. Afterwards I had a very good insight and I knew that I wanted to apply here.

How many apprentices are there and do you do a lot together?

We currently have 28 trainees at our Ulm location. These include industrial clerks, chemical technicians, students, computer scientists and warehouse logistics specialists.
We trainees meet every lunch break in the canteen and every Thursday afternoon at JuzinIOR. Privately we also meet from time to time and do something together.

What prospects do you have after your training?  Where do you see yourself in the future?

So first of all I would like to be taken on and, if it comes up, do a further education or make up for my high school diploma at the same time.

How many colleagues have you worked more closely with during your training?

With a lot of colleagues - that's the beauty of an apprenticeship.
By changing departments during the entire training period, you get to know many colleagues and then work together with them.

How many orders have you written in customer service in one day or how many telephone calls have you made?

That is different every day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. In total, you can say that in one month about 15,000 phone calls and 6,000 orders are received. This is distributed among the entire customer service team.

Which country did you choose for your stay abroad?

That's not yet clear but I'd like to go to England as I can improve my English and understanding there.

The interview was conducted in January 2019. Anna is in her 2nd year of apprenticeship at this time.

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