Jannik Yüksel, Industrial clerk with additional qualification in foreign languages

Why did you decide to train at UZIN UTZ?

Uzin Utz SE has a good reputation as an employer. I also felt very comfortable during the interview. That was the main reason.

What does UZIN UTZ offer that other companies don't?

Here at UZIN UTZ there is a very good working atmosphere. The first impression at the interview was definitely confirmed. We also have the opportunity to go abroad for two weeks.

How was your first day at work?

At the beginning I was still relatively nervous, but that soon subsided. You feel like you belong from day one. The colleagues are all very nice and helpful.

What are your tasks during the training?

That varies from department to department. Since I am currently in purchasing, I have the task of requesting the current safety data sheets from our suppliers. In addition, I was assigned the action management at our trainee company Juzinior. So you can say that the tasks are very different.

What does a trainee earn during the apprenticeship?

In the first year we start with about 1000,-- EUR gross.

What other services does UZIN UTZ offer (Christmas bonus, vacation bonus, vacation days, ...)?

We have 30 holiday days a year. UZIN UTZ pays 13.1 salaries, which includes Christmas bonus and holiday pay.

What was your funniest experience with UZIN UTZ so far and why?

The application technology got a new load bicycle. This has two rear wheels. Etienne and I were unable to ride this bike. It looked very funny and we had a lot of fun.

How does your work at UZIN UTZ keep you fit?

The work here is very varied, so you don't get bored. Juzinior also gives you a certain amount of personal responsibility, which keeps you fit.

How often do you have cakes in your office?

That depends on the departments. At the beginning of the training, there was cake almost every day in my department. You were regularly asked to take a piece. You could have gotten used to it.


What tasks does the junior company "JuzinIOR" perform?

At JuzinIOR we regularly plan activities for our employees. For example, we sell homemade cakes. We also manage the snack vending machine in the canteen. This includes refilling the vending machine, purchasing snacks and counting turnover. We also sell RZ brand cleaning products to employees.

What was your first contact with UZIN UTZ?

My first contact with UZIN UTZ was at the education fair in Ulm. There I talked to a trainee.

How many apprentices are there and do you do a lot together?

There are currently 28 trainees at the Ulm location. These include students, industrial clerks, chemical technicians and warehouse logistics specialists. We get along well and meet every lunch break and at JuzinIOR.

What prospects do you have after your training / Where do you see yourself in the future?

After my first four months with the company, I can say that I can definitely imagine a future here. However, I don't know exactly yet because I have only gone through a few departments.

How many colleagues have you worked more closely with during your training?

That's a difficult question that I can't answer like that. What I can say, however, is that there were many colleagues and they are becoming more and more.

What makes the additional qualification so unique?

You learn important foreign languages that will definitely help you in your later life. Especially if you like it, the additional qualification is just the right thing.

In which country are you going during your stay abroad?

I haven't thought much about that yet, but England sounds good. But maybe it will be another country.

The interview was conducted in January 2019. At this time Jannik is in his 1st year of apprenticeship.

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