Sandra Pelzl, Dual student Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Industry

Why did you decide to train at UZIN UTZ?

We already had fun during the job interviews and I felt right at home. The family atmosphere, the esteem for each individual employee and the extensive offer for employees (horizons, ...) finally convinced me to choose UZIN UTZ despite other commitments.

What does UZIN UTZ offer that other companies do not?

UZIN UTZ values the work of every single employee. In order to give something back to the employees, UZIN UTZ offers many offers during and outside working hours in the form of the "Horizons" program. This ranges from further training opportunities, specialist lectures, company visits to other companies to all sports activities (incl. fitness room).

How was your first day at work?

During the introductory days I was warmly welcomed into the team and you immediately had the chance to integrate yourself. However, it must also be said that the annual Christmas market visit before the start of training helped me and other new apprentices/students a lot to get to know the new colleagues beforehand. So you can start the introductory days more relaxed.
My first official working day was in production. Even though I didn't understand at the beginning why we commercial students are going through the department, I quickly realized that nothing works without production. I also found it very helpful in other departments and during factory tours to know more about the company's production processes and product world.

What are your tasks during training?

The tasks during the training vary from department to department. As a dual student, you go through a number of departments and gain insights into the world of work. Depending on the department, you take on larger or smaller tasks and are proud to be able to support the department at the end of the day.

What do you earn as a student during your training?

Compared to other dual students, UZIN UTZ pays students very well. I don't think we can complain.

What other services does UZIN UTZ offer (Christmas bonus, vacation bonus, vacation days, ...)?

UZIN UTZ enables employees to take 30 days off per year (even during their training/study). We also receive Christmas and holiday bonuses. In addition, UZIN UTZ also offers many other offers for employees during and after working hours with the "Horizonte" program.

What was your best or funniest moment at UZIN UTZ and why?

I can't say that exactly. There are always nice and funny moments in the company or among the trainees and we laugh a lot together.
In any case, it was a great feeling when UZIN UTZ was accepted as a student in autumn 2016. It was also great to be accepted into the team directly on the first day in the company.

How does your work at UZIN UTZ keep you fit?

Since I offer two CrossTraining courses for employees on Mondays, UZIN UTZ keeps me very fit. In general, I think it's great how many different sports UZIN UTZ offers. There is something for everyone.

How often do you have cake in the office?

That depends on the department, whether it's somebody's birthday and whether JuzinIOR is doing a cake campaign. I think you can always find something to snack on in IT.

What does the junior company "JuzinIOR" do for tasks?

The junior company "JuzinIOR" takes over the planning and execution of a multitude of activities for the remaining employees. From cake action to PC action and Oktoberfest, the trainees and students always come up with a lot to sweeten the employees' everyday working life.
Furthermore, "JuzinIOR" is responsible for the snack vending machine in the canteen. This also includes the purchase of food as well as the filling and billing of the vending machine.
"JuzinIOR" also sells RZ products to our employees and cleans the ZBV vehicles of UZIN UTZ.




In addition, the trainees and students help every year with the summer vacation program for employee children. It's always fun - for young and old.
Some apprentices and students also take factory tours (for company visitors, training participants, ...). Many visitors are enthusiastic that we young people take over this part and know so well about the company.

What was your first contact with UZIN UTZ?

I met UZIN UTZ through my father. He advised me to apply to UZIN UTZ because he thought it was a very good and employee-friendly company. At first I was a bit critical, as I didn't know the company before. Today I am convinced that it was right to listen to my father.

How many apprentices are there and do you do a lot together?

We are currently 28 apprentices and students. Compared to other companies, we trainees and students at UZIN UTZ have very close contact with each other. We meet daily in the canteen during lunch break and eat together. Through the junior company "JuzinIOR", which we run, we also spend every Thursday afternoon together. In addition there is the annual trainee excursion (karting, bowling, ...).
In addition, we often go out together after joint events (Christmas market, kick-off, ...) and simply have a good time together.

What are your prospects after the training? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Of course I hope that UZIN UTZ will take me over after the end of my studies. After graduating, it would be great to come to a great department with nice colleagues where I enjoy working and where I enjoy going to work every day.

Do you already have plans where to go after your studies?

Hopefully no other company! As far as the department is concerned, I let myself be surprised and first look at all the departments until I set priorities. But of course I hope that (if available) my department wishes will be taken into account.

How many colleagues have you worked more closely with during your training?

Without giving a concrete number: With many. As an apprentice/student, you go through many different departments with many different colleagues. Due to the family atmosphere in the company, it is possible to work more closely with colleagues in almost every department.

To what extent can the theory learned be applied in the practical phase?

The lectures provided me with a good basic knowledge base, especially in the material and warehouse management departments and in controlling, which made it easier for me to better understand the processes in the company. Conversely, practical content also helps with theory.

Is it possible to spend a semester abroad?

Yes, UZIN UTZ offers to spend four weeks in a subsidiary. In addition, you can also complete a theory semester abroad via the dual university.

Why should you opt for a dual course of study - in contrast to a normal course of study?

In contrast to "normal" studies, the dual university teaches in smaller, class-like groups. This makes not only a better cohesion possible within the course, but also closer contact to the lecturers. In addition a dual study offers good career chances and early vocational and financial independence. By the practice phases in the enterprise, which are void with the normal study, the learned theory can be directly applied. The moreover one the practice contents help to understand the partial complex lecture contents better.

The interview was conducted in January 2019. Sandra is  in her 3rd semester at this time.

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