UZIN UTZ Exchange Programme

Internationality is a central value at UZIN UTZ. To promote international exchange, the Employer Branding Team started an international exchange program: For two weeks, employees of UZIN UTZ can get a taste of another company.

Linda Ruß & Josh Neuberger about their Exchange stay

Linda Russ in Denver & Dover, USA

My conclusion: It was exciting, informative and really impressive! I spent the first week in California. In addition to visiting our dealers and customers as well as visiting construction sites, I also got to know some colleagues from the field service. After a 2-day detour via the "headquarters" in Denver, I went to our production company in Dover in week 2. The exchange with my colleagues on site gave me new insights into various areas and showed how important communication and openness are for our daily work. I learned and experienced a lot during the 2 weeks. Once again I realized why I enjoy working for our company so much! I would like to thank Mr. Müllerschön and the entire UEP team for this unique opportunity! And of course Angela and Thomas Schneider, with whom I found a cosy "home"!

Linda Ruß


Josh Neuberger in Würzburg, Germany


The aim of the exchange was to gather many impressions in the different departments and also in the different companies of UZIN UTZ. I profited a lot from the insights into the different departments at Pallmann GmbH: In production, application technology, product management and research & development. The impressions and personal contacts will help me a lot in my work in the USA in the long term.

I was also impressed by the other brands UZIN, WOLFF and ARTURO: they all contribute their share to UZIN UTZ. It was a pleasure for me to get to know the employees of these companies and to accompany their day-to-day business.

One of the highlights was certainly the Kiliani folk festival in Würzburg, completely in Lederhosen and Dirndl with the whole family. Special thanks to Kevin Scheck and Michael Garbe, two colleagues who always showed us the way and lovingly cared for my family.

I will use the exchange opportunity for a long time to come. The exchange was very enriching and I am proud and grateful to be able to work for UZIN UTZ under the direct leadership of Matthias Liebert, Mark Weglowski, Stefan Neuberger and Klaus Stolzenberger, where such an international exchange program is made possible for the employees. Many thanks also to Mr. Thomas Müllerschön for establishing the UZIN UTZ Exchange Programme.

Josh Neuberger

Cultural differences that caught their eye:

  • Linda Ruß: "Dealing with each other: In general, everything is always positive. With negative things I have the impression that a lot of things are glossed over in order not to hurt the other person".

  •  Josh Neuberger: "The biggest difference we perceived as a family was the sense of community in German culture; the attitude >what is good for the country / society< seems to stand in contrast to the individualistic attitude in the USA.

What impressed/surprised them the most?

  • Linda Ruß: "Great spirit within the US team and the size of the projects: in San Diego alone 42 floors of 1200 sqm each".

  • Josh Neuberger: "The biggest surprise was that the challenges and opportunities for parquet dealers in Germany are very similar to those in the USA".

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