As the foundation for your success, we are continuously expanding our innovative and sustainable product portfolio with 30 years of know-how in the industrial business. In close cooperation with you, we develop individual industrial solutions for your challenges - based on 111 years of development expertise.





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      Flooring adhesives

      We offer different types of flooring adhesives for any type of substrate - depending on the challenge you are facing. In addition to dry and dispersion adhesives, our portfolio also includes high-performance 1C / 2C reactive adhesives with which textile floor coverings, rubber, PVC and CV coverings as well as linoleum can be bonded to raised access floor panels and chipboard as well as in all areas of industry.

      Contact adhesives

      Our contact adhesives are suitable for a wide range of indoor applications and diverse substrates such as birch wood or aluminium coatings and are EC+ as well as Giscode certified.

      Reactive adhesives (1C/2C)

      Our reactive adhesives are particularly suitable for increased requirements in heavily used areas indoors and outdoors. They are also certified for conductive floor coverings and with EC 1 PLUS, GISCODE RU 1 and rE2.

      Dry adhesives

      Our dry adhesives are ideally suited for many indoor applications, such as bonding floors, skirting boards and profiles in construction, in vehicles, for the production of elements or even for modular construction. You have the choice between residue-free removable, easily removable or permanent adhesive systems. The switchTec® dry adhesive systems are ideally suited for self-adhesive finishing of your products. The simple, fast and low-emission processing enables applications on existing and new flooring constructions, on walls, in medical facilities and even during operation. Awarded the Blue Angel and also EMICODE EC 1+ certified, they represent the highest standards of UZIN UTZ SE.

      Dispersion adhesives

      Our dispersion adhesives also offer you many areas of application: Ready-to-use, solvent-free and rollable adhesives for bonding textile coverings in vehicle interiors or also strip-galvanised sheet steel, aluminium foil or composite foil aluminium/PE as well as raised floor chipboard.


      For high-quality results, our system approach offers you the right primers and levelling compounds. We can provide you with multi-purpose concentrate primer for use on gypsum constructions and substrates such as gypsum screed boards/dry screed, as well as levelling and smoothing compound for deep filling. You can apply the levelling compound up to 35 mm, for example, to enclose the pipes of underfloor heating systems in the area of raised and cavity floors as well as dry screed.


      In the competition for orders, you often have to answer special challenges with innovative solutions. We are at your side as a partner to solve your bonding requirements and leave nothing to chance: At eleven locations worldwide, more than 120 experts are working on new products - often together with our customers.


      Worldwide, more than 120 experts work in our R&D departments and continuously develop new solutions. Most of our products therefore also originate from our own development, so that we can advise you absolutely competently. If we do not have an immediate answer to your specific challenges, we will be happy to work with you on an individual solution.

      Flooring technology is our speciality. As a leading supplier of construction chemical system products, we achieve a novelty rate of 64.4%. For over 70 years, we have been developing and producing for you e.g. dispersion adhesives, 1K-MS adhesives, 2K PU and epoxy adhesives, dry adhesives, contact adhesives, primers and much more.

      Our award-winning products not only comply with legal requirements, but also with industry-specific requirements. In this way, we ensure that you always have the necessary certificates for your projects with our products and that they meet the highest standards. We can work out the same standard for your individually mixed adhesive solutions from our company.


      The requirements for sustainability criteria in tenders and award procedures are constantly increasing. However, we have been oriented towards sustainable aspects for almost 40 years, which is why we were awarded the Blue Angel as early as 1985. With our certified solutions, you not only fulfil the legal requirements, but also make a decisive difference for your customers.


      Our switchTec dry adhesive solutions enable the residue-free removability of our products. This means that your floor, wall and stair coverings, skirting boards and profiles can be securely installed, separated by type after use and fed into your recycling process. In this way, we promote an ecological recycling economy and protect the substance economically.

      The application of the biomass balance process to dispersion adhesives conserves fossil resources and contributes significantly to reducing the carbon footprint of upstream processes - without compromising on quality.

      "For the UZIN UTZ Group, sustainability means acting in harmony with economic, ecological and social aspects. This also includes the principles of our appreciative corporate culture, because only those who act sustainably and ethically are also economically successful in the long term. We want to pursue these goals in a credible, measurable and comprehensible way." - Julian and Philipp Utz


      We are happy to offer you a personal consultation to define your individual requirements. Confidentially and competently, we exchange ideas about your possibilities and potentials in order to find a solution together with you.

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