Raised Floors

Raised Floors


Whether in offices, retail or industrial environments, raised access floors demand the highest standards of durability, wear resistance and reliability due to their daily use. With the experience of ten million tons of installed adhesive and 50 million square meters of verifiably installed raised floors, we guarantee maximum flexibility and a strong subfloor base with our high-performance, rollable and pumpable adhesives.
You will find the right solution for a wide variety of floor coverings, parquet, foils or metals in our portfolio to suit your requirements perfectly


Classic raised access floor constructions usually consist of separate, individually liftable square panels that allow access to the cavity at any time. To ensure a strong bond between the individual elements, we provide low-emission adhesive solutions that are suitable for use on top of and underneath raised access floor panels.

Our solutions adhere ideally to a wide variety of substrates such as calcium sulphate, steel and high-density wood-based materials. Our products are also suitable for elastic, textile and conductive floor coverings such as linoleum, aluminum / PE sheets and foils as well as for parquet, tiles and natural stone coverings.


The ideal soil for the best locations

Sales and margins require a solid foundation and good traction. In offices and retail, however, basic functionalities such as walking comfort, acoustics and footfall sound insulation also play an important role.


For increased requirements

Floors and surfaces in commercial and industrial areas are subjected to a wide range of stresses during use and are exposed to extreme mechanical and chemical loads on a daily basis. Legal regulations, for example with regard to occupational health and safety, must be taken into account.


Top performance in its purest form

Medical areas have special requirements in terms of electrostatics, dynamics, hygiene and resistance to cleaning agents. We also offer comprehensive adhesive solutions for these sensitive areas.


We are also happy to develop customized adhesive solutions and system structures tailored to your challenge.

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