Association work of UZIN UTZ

In the flooring industry, a large number of associations and committees are involved in its development.They preside over common interests and technology developments as well as acting as a voice to the public and politicians. This gives these activities a weight that would not be possible through individual companies or individuals. The UZIN UTZ corporate group is actively involved in shaping this work, e.g. through its own membership, by sending employees or by providing financial and non-material support. In this way, it is able to demonstrate its expertise as a leading company in the flooring sector in a responsible manner.

Adhesives Industry Association e. V. (IVK)

The IVK represents the technical and economic-political interests of the German adhesives industry. It is considered the world's leading national association in the field of adhesive technology.

The IVK is subdivided in content and structure into a technical and a commercial section. These, in turn, are geared to the key markets important for adhesive technology.

For the flooring industry, these are the "Technical Commission for Building Adhesives (TKB)" and the "Flooring Working Group (AKB)".

UZIN UTZ is involved in both bodies in terms of personnel and thus plays a decisive role in the work of the association, particularly in the technical area (TKB). The main topics for the work of the TKB are:

  • Product and application technology of adhesives
  • Standardization at German (DIN), European (CEN) and worldwide (ISO) level
  • TKB publications and events
  • Building law topics
  • Hazardous substance law topics

On the occasion of the TKB expert conference held annually in March, the TKB reports on its activities with regard to the above-mentioned points.

Employees of UZIN UTZ at IVK:

  • Dr. H.-Werner Utz - (Executive Board)
  • Dr. Norbert Arnold - Technical Commission Building Adhesives (Chairman)

GEV - Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte e. V.

The main task of GEV is the promotion of consumer, occupational and environmental protection for construction chemicals and adhesives.

The GEV established the EMICODE certification system, which classifies the emissions of building products.

Companies that want to certify products according to EMICODE, e.g. as "Very low emission - EC 1", are licensed by the GEV. Unlike other environmental classification systems, the GEV takes random samples from the market every year to monitor compliance with the requirements.

GEV was founded in 1997 and is based in Germany. The EMICODE is now also internationally recognised accolade for the greatest possible safety from indoor air pollution.

The test methods and limit values for the different product groups are worked out by the GEV Technical Advisory Board and further developed together with independent testing institutes. To achieve the greatest possible transparency, they are published on the homepage.

Employees of UZIN UTZ at GEV:

  • Stefan Neuberger represents GEV in public as Chairman of the Board.
  • Dr. Norbert Arnold, as a member of the board, ensures that an intensive exchange on technical issues takes place between GEV and TKB.
  • Dr. Johannis Tsalos brings many years of experience in R&D on all laying materials to the Technical Advisory Board of GEV.

FEB - Fachverband der Hersteller elastischer Bodenbeläge e. V.

  • We are committed to elastic floor coverings - The Fachverband der Hersteller elastischer Bodenbeläge e. V. (Association of Resilient Floor Coverings Manufacturers) gives the topic of resilient floor coverings new impetus. Nine companies in the industry have joined forces to form the FEB, a comprehensive, cross-company interest group. The association is supported and supplemented by 27 supporting members from the industry.
  • Center for Advice and Service - The FEB offers market partners a direct, central contact point for information, advice and service relating to resilient floor coverings. In this way, FEB gives resilient floor coverings the image they deserve: to be a highly modern, functional and environmentally compatible form of flooring system. Factual discussions on topics such as sustainability, health and safety and quality of the flooring system are on the agenda at FEB. Research, analysis and evaluation of new, technological flooring solutions are further topics and prerequisites for innovation.
  • Nine renowned manufacturers under one roof - FEB members are among the leading manufacturers of resilient floor coverings in Europe and together represent over 90% of the manufacturers in the German-speaking countries.
  • Renowned supporting members support FEB - In dialogue with other companies, such as manufacturers of complementary flooring components, the FEB demonstrates openness and acts across systems. For this reason, 27 companies from the industry support the interests and goals of FEB as supporting members.

The UZIN UTZ corporate group has supported the association in various working groups and committees since 2009.

Employees of UZIN UTZ at FEB e.V.:

  • Frank Wittkowski – in the working group Market & Knowledge
  • Norbert Böhm – in the working group Technology

BVPF - Federal Association for Parquet and Floor Technology

As the Federal Guild Association of the Parquet Laying Trade and Floor Laying Trade, it is the aim of the BVPF to present the achievements of its trade to the public and to promote them at all levels. This essentially concerns technical, economic, trade law and socio-political issues. The practical implementation of this is carried out in the specialist groups, e.g. for training or the expert system.

The BVPF is the sponsor of the initiative "Das ist Bodenhandwerk" ("This is the flooring trade"), which aims to win young people over to craft training in the flooring sector. In addition, a positive public image of the flooring trades is promoted.

Through intensive persuasion, the BVPF has succeeded in reintroducing the master craftsman's certificate in the parquet laying trade from 2020.

The expert advisory board functions as one of the professional groups in the BVPF, in which technical issues can be discussed intensively between the craft and industry.

UZIN UTZ supports the work of the BVPF as a supporting member. In addition, UZIN and PALLMANN are sustaining memberships in practically all guilds.

Dr. Arnold is a member of the expert advisory board.

German Construction Chemicals Association (DBC)

Deutsche Bauchemie is the leading association for manufacturers of construction chemicals. It forms the interface between its member companies and politics, authorities, the construction industry, standardisation institutes, research as well as teaching at national and European level.

The work is carried out in the topic oriented technical committees. In the flooring application area, the particular focus is on tile installation and sealants as well as floor coatings and special screed binders dealing with the following topics:

  • Product and application technology of tile adhesives, grouts and sealants
  • Standardization at German (DIN), European (CEN) and worldwide (ISO) level
  • Product Safety
  • Cooperation with the tile installation trade

In its annual report, which is available on the homepage, Deutsche Bauchemie reports on the activities of its committees in the previous year.

Employee of UZIN UTZ at Deutsche Bauchemie:

Dr. Norbert Arnold - Coordination of the materials for tile installation group

Frank Wittkowski
Head of Business Developement

Mobile:  +49 (0)160 3642-111 
E-mail: frank.wittkowski(at)

Dr. Norbert Arnold
Head of technical product range development

Mobile:  +49 (0)160 3642-103

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