Skirting boards & profiles

Skirting boards & profiles


In residential, commercial, industrial and sports facilities, flooring is often exposed to high loads. Strong adhesion and a secure hold are particularly important on stairs and at the transition from floor to wall. Our powerful contact and special adhesives enable quick, easy and secure installation of your skirting boards and profiles.

With our dry and wet adhesives, you can rely on a secure hold and the highest quality. They are resistant to plasticizers and adhere to many different substrates, including concrete, plaster, wood, painted drywall and metal.


How to give floors a frame

Your products can be attached with our skirting adhesive solutions without any solvents, odors or fire hazards - and with our switchTec® technology, even without dust, dirt or drying times.

Our dry adhesives are suitable for the installation of plinths, skirting boards and profiles made of rubber, Enomer® and PVC as well as for plinths made of textile and linoleum coverings.

  • Strip systems
  • Skirting boards, flooring strips and coving, profiles, lighting systems
  • Carpet base
  • Stair profiles


For a stumble-free transition

Our completely solvent-free contact and special adhesives offer the installer a reliable solution and ensure a healthy indoor climate even under heavy use. We use special high-performance foam tapes for the secure installation of plastic and metal profiles.

  • PVC soft skirting boards
  • Hollow cove base, for example made of linoleum and rubber or PVC for contact bonding
  • Carpet base, aluminum and light strips
  • Stair profiles for contact bonding on stair treads and risers in block form or with protruding edge as well as for bonding/covering stringers and end faces for all textile coverings, including needlefelt coverings or woven fabrics
  • Impact wall, textile and composite coverings for contact bonding on all standard building substrates on walls and ceilings
  • Repair bonding work, e.g. seam repairs or inspection cover bonding
  • Hot water underfloor heating
  • Load with chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529
  • Wet, shampoo and spray extraction cleaning according to RAL 991 A2


We are also happy to develop customized adhesive solutions and system structures tailored to your challenge.

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