Antje Hahn | Corporate Marketing Team Leader

Antje, how long have you been at UZIN UTZ? What is your role?

I started my career on September 1, 2012 with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at UZIN UTZ. After my training, in July 2014, I became a permanent team member in the Central Marketing & Operations department.


Describe your career at the company. 

As part of my training, I had the opportunity to travel to Switzerland for two weeks and gain insight into the world of the subsidiaries (Uzin Tyro AG and Sifloor AG). Half a year before I graduated, I was already supporting the Central Marketing Department with events, which is still the focus of my work today. On a part-time basis, I completed further training as an event manager in Munich between December 2015 and March 2017.

What are your responsibilities in the Central Marketing department?

I have a broad range of tasks, so my work is very varied and interesting from day to day. My main tasks include, for example, general trade fair organization across all brands, the planning and design of customer training courses in Ulm, general event organization, the coordination of the conference facilities at the Ulm site and some of the support for our sponsoring activities. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really love the wide variety in my job, as I said. I also really enjoy the contact every day with our sales teams, customers and service companies.

The big highlights for me are again and again the completion of large projects, which take a long time to prepare. It is a fantastic feeling to see your work come to fruition in front of you. 

Great colleagues and a happy environment make the working day complete. 

Which of the six values of UZIN UTZ is value number one for you?

In my opinion, appreciation is the key to success and makes a substantial contribution to the motivation and performance of the employees. Enjoying work comes first, thanks to the appreciation I am able to experience from my colleagues on a daily basis.

What do you appreciate about UZIN UTZ as an employer?

What I appreciate most is that everyone is respectful to each other, and there is also trust and openness to new challenges.

Final thoughts? 

I am delighted to work at UZIN UTZ and to be able to contribute to the success of the company.

Conducted in October 2017.

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