Nina Kehrer | Quality Tester

The best chemical technician comes from UZIN UTZ

She enjoys taking on responsibility and passed the early final examination for chemical technician at UZIN UTZ with the grade "very good" last summer. This made Nina Kehrer (20) not only one of the top examiners at Ulm’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, but also the best in Baden-Wuerttemberg! Here is her story about how she got into chemistry.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship in a chemical company?

Chemistry was already my favorite subject at school. When my sister finally did an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant, I decided to do a one-week internship in her training company. After that, I decided that I wanted to do an apprenticeship in chemistry as well.

What was the reason for starting at UZIN UTZ?

I went to a career adviser and got information there - a good working atmosphere was important to me. In the end I decided for UZIN UTZ, a family business. It was immediately apparent that it is a personal cooperation, characterised by strong values that are supported and lived by all colleagues. Although, we are now a large number of employees, almost everyone knows each other by name, and this runs through all departments.

You were the best trainee - what are you doing today?

I work as a quality tester at UZIN UTZ. In this department we inspect incoming raw materials as well as finished products leaving the factory. This is mainly done by hand. For example, filler compounds have to be mixed by hand. Of course, we also work on our computers.

What do you like about your job?

I like working with responsibility which is important to me. But I also like the mixture of office work and craftsmanship.


Interview conducted in August 2020.

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