Elementary school provides innovative support for UZIN UTZ Nederland on the topic of "biodiversity"

Inspired by junior innovation team Biodiversity

"How can we use the facades of our new building to support biodiversity" was the assignment given to group 6 of the Haaksberg elementary school 'De Kameleon' by sustainability manager Annette Schumer of UZIN UTZ Nederland. After a number of company visits to flooring specialist UZIN UTZ (formerly Unipro) for the AdoptIDee project, the pupils set to work in groups to study various animal species such as the great tit, the buzzard, the field mouse and the rough bat. On June 23, the class presented their solutions to UZIN UTZ Netherlands' biodiversity problem.

Creative solutions

After the students had researched all the peculiarities of the animal species in groups, the groups were rearranged for the final presentation so that each group had a 'specialist' of the relevant species on board. The students started brainstorming in groups about the possibilities for UZIN UTZ. Once again, the final presentation proved the endless creativity of children. Annette Schumer, Manager of Sustainability says: "We received beautiful solutions from the different groups. For example, bird houses, solutions for how we can use the walls to provide cover and safety for the various organisms and especially a lot of attention for trees, grass and flowers around our new building so that the various animals have enough to eat. It's also nice to see that the children know exactly how the food chain works. Because that is an important basis for supporting biodiversity. In that respect, it was difficult to choose a winning team. For each group there was an argument as to why they should win: the thorough preparation, the construction of the presentation and the final presentation. In the end the group of Suus, Tijn, Ilse and Lucas won with the best idea. In terms of their presentation with a 3-d model, they were head and shoulders above the rest. In addition, I thought that the 'junior innovation team' had thought carefully about possible threats, such as the lack of water for the greenery."

About the sustainable ambitions of UZIN UTZ

In line with the annual topic "Product & Services" in the corporate strategy PASSION 2025 and "Innovation" as one of its initiative, this campaign took place in close connection with the ecological thrust "Planet". Once again, it was shown that sustainability and innovation complement each other perfectly.

UZIN UTZ Nederland is going to expand. By the end of 2024, the plans will be realized and the newly built powder factory and logistics center will be in use. Annette continues: "We see it quite simply, by building new we are taking something from nature. By making sustainability and biodiversity an important spearhead, we can actually give something back to nature. The ideas of the children of the Chameleon help us do this and we will certainly include them in our sustainable new building plans."

About AdoptIDee

AdoptIDee is an initiative of PNO Consultants and allows pupils from grades 6 and 7 to join forces with innovative companies in Groningen and Haaksbergen. By letting children think about 'real' innovation challenges of companies, they come into contact with IT, innovation and related fields of work at an early stage. A win-win situation: the pupils and employees from the business community can learn from each other, the education is made more dynamic and the fresh perspective of children counteracts 'terminal seriousness' at companies.  

Contact person

Silvia QuintusCommunication Manager

E-mail: silvia.quintus@uzin-utz.com
Telephone: 0731 40974751

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