Uzin Utz Exchange Programme - Visit from the USA

Jane Pahl, our marketing colleague from UZIN UTZ North America, participated in our Uzin Utz Exchange Program in September 2022. The Exchange Program offers colleagues the opportunity to spend two weeks at a location of their choice. This allows them to immerse themselves in the day-to-day business on site and share experiences with colleagues.

Their first stop was with our colleagues in Haaksbergen from UZIN UTZ Nederland. Besides a plant tour through the great sustainable building, she also got to know the colleagues there personally.

She continued on to Ilsfeld to visit the WOLFF brand, then to W├╝rzburg to visit PALLMANN. She spent the rest of her stay at the headquarters in Ulm. One of the goals of the exchange was to launch the UZIN PIM program in the USA and publish it on the website.

Lucelia Kneidl, a colleague from IT Innovation in Ulm, accompanied Jane during her time in Ulm and showed her around after hours. This allowed Jane not only to further her professional education, but also to discover the beautiful surroundings.

Jane's conclusion about her stay: "This trip was a great added value because I was able to build better relationships with the people who support us and meet our needs! I loved meeting the people I work with in person, getting to know them better and learning more about their jobs."




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