Dominic Stoll, Dual student Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Industry

Why did you decide to study at UZIN UTZ?

I chose UZIN UTZ because I was lucky. I heard about the company from a friend of the family and found out about it. A family atmosphere and esteem were important to me even as a student and so I chose UZIN UTZ.

What does UZIN UTZ offer that other companies don't?

The possibility of various further and advanced training courses, as well as the family atmosphere despite worldwide sales and production locations.

How was your first day at work?

In the first week we can get an insight into the production of our products as dual students. This meant that the first working days did not have much to do with the actual studies, but served to get to know the company and the products better, which turned out to be very interesting.

What are your tasks during the apprenticeship?

The tasks during your studies naturally vary from department to department. In order to really get to know the departments, you are integrated into the daily work flow and get to know different facets of the respective areas.

What do you earn as a student during your training?

The salary as a student increases every year during your studies. In the first year you earn about 1.100,-- EUR gross.

What other services does UZIN UTZ offer (Christmas bonus, vacation bonus, vacation days, ...)?

At UZIN UTZ, all trainees and students receive Christmas and holiday pay as well as 30 days annual holiday. In addition, the internal Horizonte program offers further training, sports programs or other activities in which all employees can participate.

What has been your biggest success so far?

The company's commitment alone can be considered a success, which I had not expected.

To what extent does your work at UZIN UTZ keep you fit?

The variety that is largely given in the departments always leads to different ways of thinking and approaches. Should blockades or the like occur, I can clear my head and keep fit via the company's own fitness centre.

How often do you have cakes in your office?

According to my scales, too often. ;-)

What tasks does the junior company "JuzinIOR" perform?

JuzinIOR is structured like a stock corporation. The body of the supervisory board is embodied by the trainers. A trainee is appointed as chairman of the board of directors, who coordinates and manages the company within the company. The other trainees are assigned to departments and carry out the tasks of action management, machine management and purchasing.

What was your first contact with UZIN UTZ?

My first contact was made by a friend of the family who has been with the company for several years.

How many apprentices are there and do you do a lot together?

There are currently 28 trainees and students in the company.

What prospects do you have after the apprenticeship? / Where do you see yourself in the future?

The prospect of being taken on by the company.

Do you already have plans where you will go after your studies?

For the last semester you have to choose two special subjects for your theory studies. I chose the subjects Marketing and Human Resources. Accordingly, I would like to work in one of these areas.

To what extent can the theory learned be applied in the practical phase?

The theory of different processes, models, etc. contributes to a quicker understanding of practical reality.

Is it possible to spend a semester abroad?

Yes, it is possible to complete a semester abroad via the Duale Hochschule Heidenheim.

Why should you choose a dual course of study - in contrast to a normal course of study?

The advantages of a dual course of study include the practical experience that can be gained in the company, the monthly salary (even during the theoretical phases) and good chances of being taken on.

The Interview was conducted in January 2019. Dominic is in his 5th semester in this time.

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